At Maron Oil and Gas Limited, we have gone beyond the limitations. We ensure that the appropriate CSD & Booster is used to optimize resources as well as meet up with client project deadline. This in turn is achieved by availability of spares and parts ranging from suction/discharge pipes to all hydraulic & mechanical arts.

With our track record, we have shown that we can deliver any sand filling job, within record time.

As part of our dredging services, Maron Oil and gas also specializes in canalization with new fields of tasks which include deepening, widening and maintenance of harbors and waterways, dredging access channels, sand wave removal and reduction of canalization blockage. 

Canalization requires absolute precision and for this reason, our operations are carried out with high precision and the very highest standards of safety, quality and environmental care, in line with the demands of our clients.

With our fleet of equipment, we offer credible, tested and professional services that makes us still the best of the best